5 Fastest & Lightweight WordPress theme 2022 (Tested and Compared)

Fastest & Lightweight WordPress Theme
Fastest & Lightweight WordPress theme
Finding the fastest theme for wordpress can seem like an impossible task. To find the most fastest and lightweight WordPress theme are you supposed to test each theme you like and compare the load times in milliseconds? - Can't Right!

That’s why we did the work for your WordPress site.

We have done a long and tedious test for two long hours of creating one identical page on 5 different themes without using any page builders on the fastest theme for WordPress.

So we do hope you like and appreciate what we bring to you.

Note Most transparent and comprehensive speed performance tests on fastest & Lightweight WordPress themes.

And the reason we’re doing this is to help you find the fastest and most lightweight WordPress themes for your online business or blogs because if your site is loading slowly your visitors will leave and that’s the fact.

and it’s always a pleasure to see the site is getting a 90 plus rating on Google PageSpeed insights and a grade-A performance on both the Pingdom and GTmatrix.

Check the Speed Performance of your Sites:

Insights WebpageWeb Address
Google insightshttps://pagespeed.web.dev/

Want to create a quick-loading site with one of the fastest WordPress themes?

Let’s dive right in -The fastest & lightweight WordPress themes.

GeneratePress – The Fastest WP Theme

The fastest theme for a WordPress blogs is GeneratePress. The theme comes with multiple page builders, WooCommerce functionality, and a variety of sidebar and widget positions.

You can download a free version or upgrade to the premium version to get more features.

Premium themes include modules that let you change typography, demos, colors, and more.


Download the free version here. It costs $59 for the premium version. If you’d like to continue receiving updates, you would have to upgrade yearly. As an alternative, you can upgrade once for $249.

Notable Features

  • Based on our testing, the theme has fast speeds and small file sizes.
  • There is a wide range of options for customizing colors and typography.
  • It can be translated into more than 20 languages.
  • Create a mobile-friendly site menu with mobile headers, sticky navigation, and more.
  • Blog features are more advanced than other themes, as it incorporates infinite scrolling, column settings, and image adjustments.
  • Customized backgrounds in several places.
  • Import and export theme options.

WordPress Theme Analysis

GeneratePress performed well in all tests. Page loading times are impressive.

PageSpeed insightsGeneratePress
Google Page Insights (Performance Score)100
Pingdom (Grade)98
Pingdom (Load Time)559ms
Pingdom (Page Size)35.30 KB
Pingdom (HTTP Request)6
GTmetrix (Performance)100%
GTmetrix (Structure)99%

Astra – Most Popular Theme

This Astra theme has grown in popularity at a remarkable rate in recent years, and it works well on WordPress blogs when activated and moves quickly when activated.

The whole point of Astra is to have a premade WordPress site that is ready to go once you install it on WordPress.

Astra is a flexible, fast, and free WordPress theme that integrates well with WooCommerce. 

Astra is a must-try theme if you want an easy setup and countless customization options. It has unique features and countless customizations so you can create a store that matches your brand.


The theme can be downloaded for free or for a premium price. Astro Pro is available for $59 on ThemeForest. 

Notable Features

  • You can choose from a variety of demos for outdoor adventures, pet stores, organic stores, custom printing companies, and more.
  • Gutenberg, Elementor, and Beaver Builder are just a few of the high-end page builders integrated into the theme. Several demos are built specifically for those builders.
  • You can adjust headers, add sidebars, and adjust single-page layouts in the layout settings.
  • The customizer lets you customize every aspect of your blog.
  • Unique WooCommerce settings that are not available in other themes are unique to this theme.
  • Translations into multiple languages are possible.
  • The premium layouts include options for padding, full-width, and boxed pages.

Theme Analysis

PageSpeed insightsAstra
Google Page Insights (Performance Score)100
Pingdom (Grade)98
Pingdom (Load Time)531ms
Pingdom (Page Size)51.10 KB
Pingdom (HTTP Request)10
GTmetrix (Performance)100%
GTmetrix (Structure)98%

Theme with top-notch speed. Despite the large demo items, Astra performs well even when implemented, and they all appear to be well designed. Astra can is ranked second in the list of fastest themes for WordPress.

Neve – A lightweight WordPress Theme

Its multipurpose design and easily customizable layout made Neve the fastest theme on ThemeIsle.

Additionally, we like Neve (a lightweight WordPress theme) because it integrates well with WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress plugin for online stores. We appreciate lightweight files and the best-in-class performance of the themes.


You can download the Neve theme free of charge, or purchase premium versions for $49.

The paid theme comes with extra features such as header and blog boosts, custom layouts, and unlimited support and updates*.

Notable Features

  • The Neve theme provides faster loading times and better experiences on mobile devices.
  • Compatible with popular page builders.
  • For a user-friendly interface, the theme is compatible with AMP.
  • The theme is fast and lightweight.
  • Header and footer areas can be customized.
  • The full-width and contained versions of your site can be configured.
  • Advanced galleries, checkout modules, and billing details into WooCommerce-based websites.
  • Header Booster is useful for adding social buttons, contact information, and breadcrumbs.
  • It offers Elementor Page Builder upgrades, blog boosters, and “scroll to top” features, among others.

Theme Analysis

PageSpeed insightsNeve
Google Page Insights (Performance Score)100
Pingdom (Grade)98
Pingdom (Load Time)586ms
Pingdom (Page Size)43.20 KB
Pingdom (HTTP Request)8
GTmetrix (Performance)100%
GTmetrix (Structure)99%

If you’re trying to improve the performance of your mobile website, Neve is a worthwhile theme to keep an eye on*. 

OceanWP – Gives You More

OceanWP has a professional theme look by default for small businesses and agencies

Though the theme is a bit slower than the fastest themes, it is still a good result. Even though with Demos enabled the performance remains solid.


OceanWP offers a free version for everyone to download or opt for a premium version that starts at $43 up to $127 per year.

The premium version comes with ongoing support in addition to the extensions.

Notable Features

  • You can choose from a variety of creative and visually stunning demos to design your site. The demos include studio, outfit, and event designs.
  • The theme is fully responsive and performs well on smaller devices. This is not something every theme offers.
  • The theme is easily translated.
  • OceanWP supports WooCommerce, allowing you to set up an online store.
  • Compatible with popular page builders.
  • Many extensions are available, including a native cart pop-up, a floating cart bar, a quick view, Instagram integration, and full-screen scrolling.

Theme Analysis

PageSpeed insightsOceanWP
Google Page Insights (Performance Score)92
Pingdom (Grade)91
Pingdom (Load Time)749ms
Pingdom (Page Size)303.60 KB
Pingdom (HTTP Request)20
GTmetrix (Performance)99%
GTmetrix (Structure)95%

This theme is a bit slower than the fastest themes, but again, it’s a good result.

Hello Elementor – Fast, Flexible, & Free

If you’re familiar with Elementor Page Builder, you know how easy and fast it is to build a lightweight WordPress site without writing any code

For a drag-and-drop page builder Elementor is a top choice. – Fast and flexible.


A free version of Elementor Page Builder is available; but paid upgrade (starting at $49 per year) offers additional templates, widgets, and element builders.

Notable Features

  • A feature of the Hello Elementor theme is that it is compatible with the most popular page builder out there, Elementor.
  • The theme and design files are minimalistic and straightforward, enabling fast loading times and a clean appearance.
  • You can create any kind of website with the Elementor integration.
  • Hello Elementor comes with several page builder elements such as video, headings, spacers, Google Maps, portfolios, and posts.
  • Landing pages can be built quickly with Hello Elementor’s built-in tools.
  • Plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast are integrated with the theme.
  • User-friendly and responsive interface.
  • Multilingual and RTL compatibility.
  • Solid support resources.

Theme Analysis

PageSpeed insightsHello
Google Page Insights (Performance Score)96
Pingdom (Grade)92
Pingdom (Load Time)771ms
Pingdom (Page Size)127.40 KB
Pingdom (HTTP Request)14
GTmetrix (Performance)100%
GTmetrix (Structure)96%

If you’re looking for a fast and lightweight theme for WordPress, Hello Elementor is worth considering. Its scores reflect that.

Research Data – Test Results

Tested Using WordPress 5.9 on a subdomain of this main Domain, We set up a test site to find the fastest WordPress themes. Performance optimizations and plugins are not installed on the test site. Instead, there is just a default “Hello World!” post.

And the thing is that we are not going to use page builders like Elementor or beaver builder to build up pages.

because page builders will skew the results so we are going to test the default homepage, which lists a single “Hello World!” post and that’s it.

We believe this is the fairest and most transparent view on which is the fastest and most lightweight WordPress theme for your online business or a blog

So, at the end of this test, we will bring to you the raw data.

Google insights

PagesSpeed insights GeneratePressAstra NeveOceanWPHello
Performance Score1001001009293(M)
First Contentful Paint1.0s(Mobile)
Speed Index1.3s(Mobile)
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)1.2s(Mobile)
Time to Interactive (TTI)1.0s(Mobile)
Total Blocking Time (TBT)0ms0ms0ms70ms(M)
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0000.001(M)
5 Fastest & Lightweight WordPress theme 2022 (Tested and Compared)
No matter what type of WordPress site you have, if your site doesn’t load quickly, your visitors may decide to leave rather than wait, so take action!


GTmetricGeneratePressAstra NeveOceanWPHello
Performance Score100%100%100%99%100%
Structure Score99%98%99%95%96%
Fully Loaded Time688ms857ms1000ms990ms897ms


PingdomGeneratePressAstra NeveOceanWPHello
Performance Grade9898989192
Page Size35.30 KB51.10 KB43.20 KB303.60 KB127.40 KB
Load Time559ms531ms586ms749ms771ms
HTTP Requests61082014

Data Summary

The first step in testing each theme is installing it on my blog and testing the default homepage, which lists a single “Hello World!” post. – Let’s find out the fastest theme for WordPress.

Testing the default homepageGeneratePressAstra NeveOceanWPHello
Google Page insights
(Performance Score)
Pingdom (Grade)9898989192
Pingdom (Load Time)559ms531ms586ms749ms771ms
Pingdom (Page Size)35.30 KB51.10 KB43.20 KB303.60 KB127.40 KB
Pingdom (Request)61082014
GTmetrix (Performance)100%100%100%99%100%
GTmetrix (Structure)99%98%99%95%96%

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Conclusion – Did I Miss Anything?

Picking one of the fastest themes for WordPress is a wise strategy if you want your site to load quickly and set your success on solid ground.

Based on our thorough research, GeneratePress, Astra, and Neve were found to be the fastest free WordPress themes.

Now we’d like to hear from you:

Which WordPress theme are you going to choose first?

Or maybe we didn’t mention one of your favorite WordPress themes.

If you have any comments, please leave them below right now!

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