LIC IPO: India’s biggest and most awaited IPO – Everything you Need to Know

India’s biggest and most awaited IPO – LIC IPO & Everything you need to KNOW.

As a financial institution for such a long time and continued to be unlisted for so long, it was considered something unthinkable when LIC decided to list on the public markets.

LIC IPO: India's biggest and most awaited IPO - everything you need to Know
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And LIC was always an investor and now today LIC is coming before the investors to get invested in!

This is truly a historical movement for Indian capital markets in India which is the listing of the life insurance corporation of India.

LIC IPO: All you need to know about

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) launches the initial public offering (IPO) on April 27, 2022

  • Public bidding will open on May 4 and closes on May 9, 2022.
  • The state-owned insurer will be selling shares in the price band of Rs 904-949.
  • The government plans to offload a 3.5% stake or 221,374,980 shares of LIC to raise Rs 21,000 crore.
  • Investors can bid in a lot size of 15 shares, and multiples thereof.
  • There is an employee reservation of 15lakh shares while 2.21 crore shares are reserved for policyholders.
  • Retail (regular) and Employees will get a Rs 45 discount, and policyholders will get a discount of Rs 60.
  • Shares will be allotted to the successful bidders on May 12.
  • Shares will be credited by May 16 and
  • The stock will start trading from May 17 onwards
  • You can apply both as a regular and policyholder – apply twice!
IPO Opening DateMay 4, 2022
IPO Closing DateMay 9, 2022
Basis of AllotmentMay 12, 2022
Initiation of RefundsMay 13, 2022
Credit of shares to DematMay 16, 2022
IPO Listing DateMay 17, 2022

Objects of the issue

The IPO aims to:

  1. To list the equity shares on the National stock exchange & Bombay stock exchange.
  2. To carry out an offer for the sale of 221,374,980 shares by selling shareholders.

Lot Size I Price Band I IPO Reserve

Lot Size

ApplicationLotsSharesAmount (Cut-off)

Price Band

Price Band(at discount)Investor Category
842-889(at Rs. 60 discount) Policyholder
857-904 (at Rs. 45 discount) Employees & Retail
904-949(at Rs. 45 discount)Institutional Buyers
IPO Reserve
10% Reserved for Policyholders
35% for Retail Investors
15lakh shares – employee reserved

Promotor holding

Pre Issue Share Holding100%
Post Issue Share Holding96.50%

LIC IPO subscription rate & GMP status

  • Grey Market Price – Market observers assert that LIC shares are available in the grey market today at a premium (GMP) of ₹300/share. – 1142 to be traded at the listing day [Disclaimer]
Investors CategorySubscription Rate (times)
Qualified Institutional Investor2.83x
Non-Institutional Investor2.91x
Retailed Individual Investor1.97x


India’s largest life insurer – Life Insurance of India (LIC), has been providing life insurance for over 65 years.

  • with a 61% market share in terms of premiums (or GWP)
  • 61% market share in terms of New Business Premium (or NBP)
  • 71% market share in terms of number of individual policies issued.
  • 88% market share in terms of number of group policies issued.

It was the fifth-largest insurer globally amongst the top10 by total assets on basis of fiscal 2021.

The 2nd most valued brand across India.

Most valued brands in India, by brand value (in billion U.S dollars)

Most valued brands in IndiaBrand value (in billion U.S dollars)
HDFC BankUS$20.2

Amongst the top10 in terms of global valuable brands in the insurance sector.

Brand LIC is the 3rd strongest global insurance brand with ~279mn policies being serviced and a 1.33mn agents network.

  • It has the largest individual agency network more than 7.5 times its closest competitor.

LIC issued approximately 21mn individual policies in India in FY21, representing approximately 75% market share in new individual policy insurance. (Source: the CRISIL Report)

LIC has an AUM of Rs. 40,122bn (US$540.0bn), which is 1.1x of the entire Indian mutual fund industry AUM.

This is the largest IPO in Indian capital markets history.

~ 28.62 Crore Policies
~ 38.04 Lakh Crore Assets
~ 121 Zonal & Divisional Offices
~ 2048 Branch Offices
~ 1546 Satellite Offices/Sub-Branches
~ 1.08 Lakh Employees
~ 13.53 Lakh Agents
~ 75.90% – Market Share

Financials OF LIC IPO

Total Assets40,907,867.7837,464,044.6834,141,745.7433,663,346.17
Profit After Tax17,151.1229,741.3927,104.7826,272.78
  • For the year/period ended (₹ in millions)

LIC IPO – Apply or avoid?

  • LIC looks very good in terms of valuation than its peers.
  • By cutting down the valuation of LIC, the Indian government has made LIC IPO very attractive.

Very Low downward risk from current valuation

  • From a Risk/Reward perspective, LIC looks very attractive
Retail investors discount45
policyholder discount60
  • If you are someone just looking for quick profits then we can’t suggest much, but if you are someone who is a long-term investor then you can consider investing in LIC IPO for long-term wealth creation.

LIC is a portfolio stock for long-term holding but, don’t consider it if you are looking for short-term listing gains. – I would consider applying for the IPO if I were you!



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