National Book Lovers Day 2022: Books and we have had an inseparable bond for centuries. Knowledge increases as you read books. 

Anyone who is smart. if they get some time will read something. As a result of their desire to learn new things.

National Book Lovers Day 2022.

National Book Lovers Day 2022: National Book Lovers Day is celebrated on August 9 every year for book lovers. Education means Goddess Saraswati as a witness. Children hold books as if they are holding their mothers’ laps. That is the value of books and education. Society respects those who have books because society admires people who read books.

Reading books is considered a sign of knowledge by society. So we all should read books. Do you know that in IITs and IIMs, students are required to read a book and write a review every day? Education there is in that range. It is for this reason that National Book Lovers Day is celebrated every year on August 9. Let’s learn about its importance, history, and facts.

How are Books better than videos?

Reading yourself versus watching a video has a huge difference. Whenever we read for ourselves, we do so at our own pace. The brain understands better, Thinks, analyzes, and raises questions. This entire process is under our control. This process won’t work if you want to learn the subject from the same videos.

National Book Lovers Day History

Books have a history of thousands of years. Primitives are used to writing and make figures on the rocks in the caves. They used to dry palm leaves and other leaves and write on them with ink. Later came the use of paper which started printing all over the world. Due to its low cost and high convenience, it became popular around the world.

Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1436 AD. Although it was invented for printing Bibles, typewriters and computers are all used today. Special education tablets are also available now. A growing number of people are reading online on their mobile devices nowadays. The library came in hand.

“National Book Lovers Day is celebrated on 9 August.”

Give Books as Gifts

If you wish to give any gift to your friends, it is appropriate to give them a book. Because the book you give will stay with them forever and ever. Take the time to read it whenever you can. It will then be easier for you to recall. Books like this increase our sense of friendship in us. (According to survey)

Suggestion: It would be great to have a library in every village. If we promote libraries on a large scale, our interest in reading will increase. Existing libraries should also be modernized. Using technology, all kinds of books in the world are made available to everyone.


Why do we celebrate National Book Lovers Day?
The origins of the day may be a mystery, but the books themselves are not. In the past, stone tablets were used to record writings and drawings, but books were developed so people could carry the writings and drawings around.

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