When will Tesla come to India?

Everyone is asking the same question
But my Question is…

Does India need Tesla?

Did you know: Tesla is the world’s biggest EV car company, but an Indian company is getting ready to compete with Tesla and that company is TATA motors.

How TATA is Becoming INDIA's TESLA

A few days ago, Tata revealed.

How their Made-in-India car would look like, and we were Shocked!

TATA is secretly revolutionizing our cars!

And how it is working to send Indian EVs to the world.

Tesla – Revolutionized auto industry

Before Telsa, people thought differently about EVs.

Elon Musk says, “People used to think EVs are not powerful Enough.

They are only good for golf carts or for short trips, but EVs cannot replace cars on the road”

But Tesla revolutionized the auto industry – They made EVs cool.

Because Telsa doesn’t compromise with power.

In addition, it offers a vast range of futuristic features, such as

Tesla Features
~ Auto pilot – Where your car automatically maintains the lane and speed.
~Auto climate adjustment
~Quick access preference menu
~”Dog Mode”
~auto air purifier
~super-fast acceleration

Telsa revolutionary impacted traditional companies like Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford Motors are now offering electric variants of their cars.

By 2040, the world will have more Electric Vehicles (EVs) than Internal Comburtion Engines (ICEs) cars

The Future is ELECTRIC!

Challenge for India

But this presents a huge challenge for India, because Tesla won’t be able to run in India.

Even if a car like Telsa comes to India, its cost won’t be less than Rs. 60 lakhs.

But why – Telsa’s Model 3 is its cheapest variant stats from $37,990 in the US around Rs. 28,00,000.

Estimates say that when this car will finally come to India, it would be Rs. 60,00,000.

Which is outside of a lot of people’s budgets!

How & Why?
Why is there such a huge gap between prices abroad and in India?
Because, it’s a completely built up car, which will be imported from the country of manufacture and directly sold to Indian customers without assembly.
Such vehicles attract 100% customs duty, which instantly doubles the price for customers.

India does not have Tesla’s charging infrastructure.

Add On Indian roads, which are considered to be the most dangerous in the world, many of Tesla’s features will not work.

At present, Tesla manufactures their vehicles in China, and we all know Indias relation with China &$!#%.

TATA – secretly revolutionizing our cars!

Will India stay behind in this electric revolution? Abosolutely Not!

The reason is Tata.

The Indian Government plans that by 2030, 1 out of 3 vehicles will be an electric vehicle.

But how will this happen without Tesla in India?
When Ratan Tata acquired Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR), people called its a mere publicity stunt – Tata will never benefit from this acquisition.
~But today, JLRs Reserch & Development (R&D) is helping us manufacture world class EV.

Just 2 years ago, Tata was making 8 EVs in a day. Today makes 100+ EVs in a single hour!

Tata is dominating India’s EV sector – How Much? (just check this chart)

ModelFeb 22Jan 22MoM Growth(%)Feb 2021 YoY(%)
Tata Nexon EV, Tigor EV2,264136066%434421%
MG ZS EV3859-36%127-70%
Mahindra eVerito1231-61%1020%
Hyundai Kona Electric7717-59%
Source: tata dominates EVs sales in India -autocarindia

Tata EV’s dominate sales with 96% percent share.

And this is not because Tata EVs are the cheapest, But the real reason is Tata has an excellent charging infrastructure in India @tatapower.

How Tata is solving the problem of EVs?

Problem1 : The reason is Range Anxiety.
Even the best EV, promises 300kms on Single Charge, but gives you around 200-220kms on a single charge.

We can see a [petrol pump every few kilometres – that has spoilt us.
What if our EV change is over halfway
That’s what Tata is trying to solve as well – @Est EVs Charging Stations all over India.

Problem2 : Semiconductors
~EVs use chips – There is a global semiconductor shortage

Tata is in plan to start a semi-conductor unit as well.

Tata’s Atmanirbhar bharat push

Tata is not one company, it is a group of companies.

Thats why one company’s progress helps other companies progress and grow as well.

Where other car companies outsource the auto-parts, semiconductors, chips and so on.

Tata makes its own auto parts, semiconductor and on and on!

TATA auto-compsAuto components
TATA powerElectric Power Stations
TATA ChemicalsBattery Recycling

This means a lot of the production will be e.g. to atmanirbhar bharat.

On this basis, Tata will release 10 new electric cars over the next four years, ranging from SUVs to luxury cars, all of which will be electric.

This is Avinya!

Avinya means INNOVATON – A welcome in India’s auto sector, so that India is never left behind!

For this We salute the whole Tata Groups.

In Conclusion

See, we do love and we will be happy to see Tesla cars in India.

But, Well be even more happy seeing a Made-In-India vehicle in another country!

Because we belive that the future is electric.

And seeing India becoming self-reliant in the EV race makes a difference!

What do you think? – COMMENT BELOW!

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