Explained: Heat Wave in India? I Dual crisis

A mountain of waste is burning in Delhi.

Let’s understand the Reason: Heat wave, it is so hot that the heat is causing landfills to catch fire. Rising temperatures, Coal shortage, Powercuts.

In Delhi, daytime temperatures of 47 degrees are causing distress.

This is India's hottest April in the past 122 years!

Think about it, if this is the case in the month of April, we still have to go through May and June which are hotter.

And now when we need temperature control the most – the country is facing power cuts.

But why?
Let us understand this dual crisis.

And let us think about it – and let’s come up with the solution!

For the first time in history, both India and Pakistan can agree on a single thing, that the temperatures have shot up tremendously.

There is widespread distress in both countries.

If you look at global temperatures, the Highest temperatures have been recorded in cities in India & Pakistan.

And this is dangerous for all of us – Dangerous!

What is Heat Wave?

When the recorded temperature is more than the usual temperature by 4.5 degrees declared a Heat Wave.

This time, temperatures are 6.35 degrees Celsius higher.

Rajasthan, Harayana, UP, and Vidraba from Maharashtra are continuously having orange alerts for a heatwave.

But what difference does it make if the temperature rises by 1 degree?

Why is it Dangerous?

In the last 20years, 1,66,000 people have died of heat waves. (Source: WHO)

A deadly heat wave in Chicago in the year 1995 killed 690+ people. And more than 3,000people had to get hospitalized. And from the people who were hospitalized 1/3rd of them passes away in the coming year itself. (Source: ACP Journals)

A similar heat wave in 2015 in India killed 2,500 people.

“heatwave is not a joke”

Many people in India work under the harsh sun, they work without any protective gear.

Usually, temperatures fall at night, and the body gets a chance to cool itself down.

But during a heatwave, the body can’t cool down – because the temperature does not fall at night as well.

Reasons for Heat Wave?

There are many factors:

One. Geographic factors like wind or lack of rainfall.
e.g. Usually some areas face light rainfall in the month of March thus cooling down the air.

But this time, there was no rainfall in March!

2. But the biggest factor that will accelerate heatwaves is Climate Change.

The changes of heatwaves have increased 30 times now, with the rising heat in summer we use air conditioners and we purchase coolers.

But to do all of that we need electricity as well – in India 75% of electricity comes from coal!

In 6/10 power plants, the coal stock levels are critically low.

3. the Russia Ukraine war, there is a global energy crisis – Because of this crisis, the usual coal prices of $50 per ton have shot up to $225 per ton.

so basically we are paying 5x times more to produce electricity!

Today, We’re facing the worst power cuts in the last 5 years.

let us think about it

When the heat is manageable there is no problem.

But when the heat is akin to sitting by a fire then there is a huge problem.

Even today in many Indian cities, there are no proper rules for waste segregation.

When wet waste like food scraps, vegetables, and fruit waste is thrown in the bin without segregation, they break down and release methane.

Methane is highly flammable and the heat causes it to burn, because of our municipality’s inaction our cities continue to burn.

The smoke from these fires causes respiratory problems.

You must have heard such stories about your city as well – e.g. Dumping grounds are on fire.

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let’s come up with a solution!

Delhi’s landfill fire is not just a fire – It is a signal, It is a wake-up call!

No time to talk, It is time to act!

Thomas Crowther, a scientist says,
Every year we produce 120 gigatons of carbon that mixes up with our atmosphere. And existing trees absorb 120 gigatons of carbon – Acc. to this our world is a bit of a perfect balance.

But in the last 200 years,
We have started producing 10-20 gigatons of extra carbon!

Our cars, industries, and food habits are all responsible for the Extra carbon emissions.
No provsions to absorb this!

Thomas Crowther thinks we need 1trillion trees to save the world.

These trees absorb the present carbon & carbons of our future generations.

Maybe you and I can’t plant 1 trillion trees together! – Can we plant 1 tree?

We need your help!

Climate Change is Real! – And there is no quick fix for it, We will have to stay prepared, And we will have to ask our authorities the right questions?

  • We will have to find an alternative to coal-based power.
  • And ask why forest areas face deforestation (e.g. like Hasdeo)

Because it doesn’t matter when one person does it, But it matters when all of us do it.

And that’s the reason why it makes a difference!

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