Bihar politics effect on NDA: The strength of NDA in Rajya Sabha has fallen further. The reason for this is that Nitish Kumar’s JDU has merged with the opposition.

JD(U) broke its alliance with the BJP in Bihar and joins RJD, Congress’ Mahagathbandhan.

Bihar politics’ effect on NDA

Bihar politics has now become a topic of discussion in the whole country. JDU, which said goodbye to the BJP alliance, joined the opposition. On Wednesday evening, Nitish Kumar will be sworn in as the CM with the support of the opposition. With these developments, even if the BJP did not suffer much damage in Bihar, it seems that it has suffered some damage in the Rajya Sabha. Due to the effect of Nitish Kumar, the strength of NDA in the Rajya Sabha has fallen further.

In Rajya Sabha (A blow to NDA)

In fact, the BJP-led NDA does not have full strength in the Rajya Sabha. BJP has been trying to increase its strength for many years. But from time to time, Kamal Dala is facing setbacks in this regard. Before the 2019 general elections, TDP, Shiv Sena, and Shiromani Akali Dal left the NDA.

With the latest developments

Nitish Kumar news: With the latest developments, political analysts say that BJP must depend more on neutral parties like YCP and BJD. In order to pass the important bills in the Rajya Sabha, the BJP must have the support of the respective parties.

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