Movie Review: Akshay Kumar’s film “Raksha Bandhan (2022)”

Raksha Bandhan (2022) Review: This is the story of Akshay Kumar, who lives in Chandni Chowk, ie Lal Kedarnath runs a chaat shop. Having four sisters, Kedarnath is concerned about their marriages and dowries.

“Sometimes being a Brother is even
better than being a superhero”

Star LineAkshay Kumar*, Bhumi Pednekar, Sadia Khateeb, Sahejmeen Kaur, Smrithi Srikanth, Deepika Khanna
Directed byAanand L Rai
Movie CategoryHindi, Comedy, Drama, Family
Duration1 Hrs 50 Mins

– After ‘Atrangi Re‘, which starred Akshay Kumar, ‘Rakshabandhan’ is the film produced by Anand L Rai. Akshay Kumar is the hero in the movie which was released on the day of Raksha Bandhan. 

  • In this year’s theaters, Akshay’s Bachchan Pandey and Samrat Prithviraj films failed miserably. It is comforting to know that Rakshabandhan is able to attract a family audience, but the collection of Aamir khan’s ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ poses a challenge.

Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan is a day of tying rakhi on a brother’s hand which highlights the sanctity of brotherly love. 

  • Note: A story of brotherhood in the film, as its name suggests.

Raksha Bandhan (2022) Movie Review

Story: Raksha Bandhan (2022)

The story is about Lala Kedarnath who has four sisters who are of marriageable age. 

For years, Lala has been selling golgappa in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. His Chat Bandi is always crowded with pregnant women because it is believed that if you eat his golgappa, you will have a boy. 

  • Although in love with a girl named Sapna since childhood, Lala could not think about his own affairs without his sisters getting married.

Lala had promised her mother on her deathbed that he would marry her sisters only after they were well prepared. In the film, we see how Lala overcomes the difficulties of dowry and wedding expenses so that her sisters can get married, and what happens in their lives in the meantime.

Raksha Bandhan (2022)  Official Trailer

Raksha Bandhan (2022) Movie Review

Raksha Bandhan Story: The film, which focuses on the topic of brotherly love and dowry, makes the audience laugh as well as brings tears to their eyes. The story revolves around Lala Kedarnath (Main Character), who has four sisters who are of marriageable age. Although he is able to raise her sisters without letting them know the disadvantages of not having a father and mother, Lala struggles to overcome the hurdle of their marriage.

timing of a film’s release

The timing of a film’s release also determines its success or failure. There is no other suitable day to release this movie other than Rakshabandhan day. The film ‘RakshaBandhan’ will naturally benefit from it.

actors’ performances and songs

The story of Lala Kedarnath is presented in a cheesy manner, but the actors’ performances and songs overcome such issues. The Bhumi-Akshay combo felt second-time charm, and the emotional scenes leading up to the climax are poorly written by Akshay’s acting, music and score.

  • The first half of the scene is full of character introductions and laughter, but as we approach the intermission, things get emotional.
  • Point to be Noted: Three-quarters of the second half is full of emotional moments and is not overdone by ‘Thangachi Passam’ as seen in ‘Annate’ (Tamil) movies.

The director Anand L Rai found relief in the film to some extent, but the film could have been better prepared. The cinematographer KU Mohanan managed to connect the audience to the story and travel with the characters.

Although the background music didn’t make much of an impact, Himesh Reshammiya’s songs became the main attraction.

  • Heartwarming songs like ‘Tere Saath Hum Mem’ and ‘Dagom Se Bandha‘ give a sense of warmth to the listener.

In spite of the high numbers, the occasional songs really engaged the audience.

  • There may be some confusion for those who come to see the film with more expectations than a simple cinematic experience.
  • And there are some logical problems in the film, including age differences. Screenwriters and directors could have improved the film a lot if they had taken it more seriously.

The film may not be a must-watch for sure, but those hitting the theaters with their families will not be disappointed.

Rating 4 out of 5 Stars 

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