Movie Review: Aamir Khan’s Film – “Laal Singh Chaddha (2022)”

ActorsAamir Khan*, Kareena Kapoor*, Naga Chaitanya, Mona Singh, Manav
Director Advait Chandan
Film GenreHindi, Drama, Romance
Duration2 Hrs 43 Mins
  • Apart from his heroics, Aamir Khan, known as Bollywood’s perfectionist, has done several films.

Aamir Khan made a movie called ‘Laal Singh Chaddha‘ after his previous film Thugs of Hindustan was a disaster. Film Laal Singh Chaddha (2022) is a remake of the Hollywood movie ‘Forrest Gump‘. He made changes in the story according to our Indian movies and released it in Hindi as well as Telugu and Tamil languages.

Did the movie ‘Laal Singh Chaddha meet those expectations? Or Let’s go to the movie’s story to find out more.

Story: Laal Singh Chaddha (2022)

Laal Singh Chadha (Aamir Khan) is a young man from Pathan Kot village in Karoli region. Laal Singh’s IQ is lower than the IQ of all children. He could not even walk properly as a child. He doesn’t really believe in himself

  • But Laal Singh Chadha’s mother (Mona Singh) brings up her son by telling him good and bad. Mona Singh believes that her son (Laal Singh) is very intelligent. Laal Singh also respects his mother’s words
  • He meets Roopa D’Souza (Kareena Kapoor) at school. Her father was a drunkard. He kills Roopa’s mother on one occasion and is sentenced to jail. Since then she gets closer to Laal Singh.

Both go to Delhi for college studies. Since childhood, Roopa has been living in poverty and dreams of marrying a rich man. Gradually she steps into modelingAspired to be a heroine, she becomes acquainted with mafia dance.

Laal Singh Chadha does not like all this. She doesn’t care if you try to convince her of her innocence. Goes away from him

  • At the same time, Laal Singh joins the army. There he meets Balaraju (Naga Chaitanya). Balaraju is interested in trading in cheddis and banyans. His plans include starting a business once he leaves the army. But Balaraja dies in Kargil war. Laal Singh feels alone again.

Laal Singh Chadha, who came out of the army, starts efforts to fulfill the dream of Balaraju

  • But how successful will he be in that? 
  • Who will stand by him? 
  • What happens to Roopa? 
  • Why does Laal Singh Chadha run all over the country? 
  • What are the key changes in his life? 

to find out: You have to watch the Film to know more.

Laal Singh Chaddha (2022) – Official Trailer

Review: Laal Singh Chaddha (2022) review

Laal Singh Chaddha 2022 review: Aamir Khan is a top hero who is interested in doing different movies and characters in Bollywood. He tried to take a risk with his look in ‘Laal Singh Chadda‘ and gained and lost weight for different roles.

The main strength of this movie is its emotions, but the story is slow and Kareena Kapoor’s character doesn’t connect with the audience. Naga Chaitanya’s role in the key role is interesting, but his character appears with cheddis and banyans, which kills the audience.

  • Aamir Khan’s film will have a tinge of comedy, but the movie was missing that. The music and background music seemed unrelated, and the cinematography was ok.
  • The film lacks the emotions that are supposed to connect with the audience.

Finally, ‘Laal Singh Chadda‘ – Aamir’s failed attempt again://

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